We build fast-loading websites

We will design your business ideas and requirements for a custom SEO-friendly website that will load in less than 3 sec.
It's essential to understand your requirements. First, schedule a free consultation to discuss the most efficient solution. Then, we'll provide you with a cost-competitive quote.


Because we do not work with templates, we are able to provide you with unique custom solutions that will ensure your website will stand out from your competitors.

We design websites with a focus on your business requirements to build relationships with your customers more efficiently. This will improve the user experience and generate more leads.

How we do this


Firstly, we will dive into the subject area of your business. To ensure we achieve all the requirements for a successful website, we will identify the areas which require analysis. These include locating the target audience, setting out the key aims, and isolating any potential problems. Based on these analytics we will create a structure of pages on the website, detect key phrases and make the semantic core for SEO.

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Once we have refined and completed our analysis, we start to prototype and create basic user interfaces. The main criteria are they must be easy to use and intuitive to allow users to easily find the information they seek.

Xmind Map


In the initial stage of the design process, we select the color palette, font, and style. We then breathe life into the website using images and icons. We pay particular attention to their position, color, size, and orientation, which will convey entities through these graphic elements. We pride ourselves on always creating a uniqueness that ensures our websites stand out from the crowd.



We will build a custom WordPress theme from scratch that is optimized for your design components. You will have full control of the content (text, images, buttons, etc.) and sections. Creating new pages is easy with pre-built modules that already exist on the website. No coding knowledge is required.



We add schema markup to the website, which is structured data also known as the language of search engines. It is code used to provide information for search engines to understand your content more efficiently, and therefore making it eligible for rich snippets as well as premium search results.


Optimization / Testing

This is the stage we add the magic to make your website fly. We know well the problems of slow loading websites and that is why speed and performance are our priorities.

We guarantee your website will load in less than 3 sec.

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Maintenance and operation

We never leave our clients without support once the project is complete. As part of our overall package of services, we create backups, always ensure that your website is kept up to date and provide protection for your website against different types of attacks. To track conversion, we construct your website to utilise Google analytics.

Google analytics
Website backup

About us

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We work with successful businesses across the globe, and with our help, we strengthen their web presence.

Our primary focus is website speed and optimization, allowing your business to fly.

Increase your chances to get new clients

Speed loading is an extremely important ranking factor and bidnamic has shown through research that for every second the site loads faster, the conversion rate improves by 17%.

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