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Customer: SurveyKing is a platform for market research, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Which can also be used for simple form creation incorporating the best features a survey builder can offer in one easy-to-use package.
Working together since:
May 2020

Project detalis


Originally the client needed only 1 page for the survey help pages (documentation). Our cooperation grew to improve and create new page designs and functionality, and we continue to work with them to this day.


The client was utilising a website with an unattractive old design which lacked front end functionality.


We created a series of attractive, well-designed pages with well-structured markup and front end functionality. The new pages were easy to manage and integrated simply and effectively with the back end. The result meant that interaction with the website was simple and easy.

We also developed a series of custom JavaScript plugins that perfectly matched the client’s needs, such as table (searching, pagination, sorting, removing), dropdown (options for multichoice, searching, columns, icons, etc.), modal window, import textual question, routings, and others.

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Final Product


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A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
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Color palette


Template Page Selection

On this page, we divided templates by their types and therefore users could start to use the platform immediately by using pre-built templates that include the main questions.

Survey Builder

When a user selects a template or starts with a blank survey, they have the ability to add new questions using drag & drop functionality. This allows for the easy inclusion of additional questions in the required locations.
Our custom modal plugin, which has multiple styling and animation options, is utilised to remove questions that are not required.

My Surveys Page

On this page, we showed a list of all user surveys, and we provided the functions of searching, moving, copying, and deleting surveys. Since this was achieved by using JavaScript and AJAX – everything worked at high speed and users didn’t have to wait for the server’s response.

Import Questions

In case the user had their questions in a textual format we made a page that allowed them to import their questions by simply pasting the content. This system automatically understands types (text input, select, or matrix) and has the ability easily change types and import all questions just in a few clicks.


After the survey was created, we designed pages for different types of distribution (anonymous link, anonymous email, web link, or QR code).

SurveyKing is the only survey platform to offer k-anonymity, guaranteeing respondent identities are kept anonymous.

Responses statistics

We created different statistics pages that allowed the easy tracking of all major metrics such as average time spent, completion percentage, and a details report for every survey.

All reports include charts, tables with advanced features, and calculations based on the customer’s specific requirements.

One of the best features is the interactive Net Promoter Score which calculates how likely respondents would be to recommend the subject to their friends or colleagues. We included advanced filters by date and custom parameters.



Fully Responsive

Icon Set

New Design



Allen Frantsen

Webcomplete built amazing layouts, custom JavaScript plugins, and designed many icons. The site has grown by over 10,000 users since we started working with them!

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