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The project: Upcoming NFT is a marketplace that allows customers to buy NFT at the lowest price, directly from developers. The website has all the upcoming projects listed. The design was provided by the client.
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November 2021

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To develop an NFT marketplace that allows users to explore NFT drops (upcoming, coming soon, and already minted) and to create a separate table with custom filters and search facilities. It also had to incorporate likes, views, and Discord/Twitter followers’ charts (API integration).

Another requirement was to include the ability to import NFTs from excel files, add them manually, and allow users to add their own NFTs from the website form. Of prime importance was that it had to be simple to manage in the admin panel and to have the ability to promote needed NFTs.


The website was complex with a lot of advanced functionality, however, we created a list of the requirements and split the project into milestones. The website needed to keep all projects in 1 table including 3 possible ways to add new NFTs (excel document, manually, and by users from the website form).

One of the biggest challenges was to collect each NFT project’s followers in Discord and Twitter automatically and draw charts based on that data.


We built a custom WordPress theme with all the required functionality and integrations. The client had full control of the website from the admin panel, and he could add/remove/approve any NFT, move it to any table, or promote it in a separate table.

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Final Product


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Color palette


Advertising Banners

We created a separate page where the client is able to add as many banners that are required and which are shown on each page. The banner could have multiple formats (mp4, WebM, gif) and we highlight the optimized one based on the browser support of each format type.

NFT Tables

For each NFT status based on the mint date, we built a separate table with the appropriate sorting. In the table, we present the most important information about the NFT such as price, total supply, links to the website, Discord, Twitter, and mint date.

Individual NFT Page

For each NFT item, we have a separate page with more detailed information: image, description, countdown based on the mint date and time, and charts based on the number of subscribers on Twitter and Discord.

Email subscription form

We connected the form to Mailerlite using the API. We can also add users to an appropriate list enabling the client to send them emails about new promising NFTs or any other important news that affects the market.

Add your own NFT

If a user wants to add their own NFT and have it listed on the website, they have a special page where they are able to select a package and add all the information about the NFT with all the relevant details. The NFT can then be published after the client’s approval.


Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced searching

Contact Form

Custom theme

Fully Responsive



Social media support

Speed Optimization

Subscription integration


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