Creating a new website for a newspaper – "Nasze Slowo" (Our Word)

Customer: The largest publication (newspaper) for the Ukrainian community in Poland, published by the Association of Ukrainians in Poland.
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2 months

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The newspaper had an old-fashioned website and, after rebranding, they required a new website that would be interactive for users to read and easy for authors to work with.


The existing website didn’t look well. It was old and unattractive; it didn’t utilise modern technology and had a low conversion rate. It was slow and not SEO optimized. We analyzed it thoroughly to ensure we corrected all the existing problems and did not repeat them.


We created a completely new design. Given current trends, we added not only articles but news too. It allowed the newspaper to keep their audience constantly up to date with news as it happened. We optimized the website for speed loading and added deep SEO improvements that allowed us to increase traffic on the website 9 times in one year.

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Color palette


Home Page

We added a banner for the most important articles and a feed sorting all article by date. In order not to overload users, we made light lines/shadows style. For article previews, we showed featured images, titles, and excerpts.

Article content

One of the most important requirements was for the articles to be easily shared by the readers, and we focused on several functions, one of which was social media share buttons. This was vitally important as it gave the ability for users to share articles and popularize them, and therefore also generating additional traffic.


This section allows users to share their thoughts and maintain activity on the site.


On the home page (mobile) news is shown above articles. Most news is a short piece of information, but we also kept there “related news” and comments to engage visitors.


Except for articles and news, the website contains a lot of basic pages. We kept the design plain and similar to the articles in order to make content consumption easy and convenient.


We added a map of Warsaw with places of interest for Ukrainians. Filters by category easily allowed relevant results and by clicking on the pinpoint, visitors can see detailed information with links.

Traffic increase

On the new website after a year of usage traffic increased 9 times (2 months report).
On the one side increase in traffic was due to SEO optimization and higher positions in the Google search engine and in the other side due to social media sharing.

Page speed loading

Speed loading is an important ranking factor and researched that for every second the site loads faster, the conversion rate improves by 17%. The website fully loads for 1.7 sec.



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Editor in Chief
Hrystyna Zanyk

It was very productive and comfortable to work with WebComplete. Actually, we didn’t know, what exactly we want to see as a result in meaning of technical tasks. But we knew, that it should be new interface, better, modern site with saving our old logo, our tradition. Newspaper “Nasze Slowo” had at that time over 60 years history on the media market. We have printing version all this time. Previous site was created around 10 years before we start to cooperate with WebComplete. We needed to involve new generation of readers. I am totally satisfied with the result of changing our site. We see changes also in numbers: a few times more readers, our pages in social media thanks to the better view of internet site become much more active. Yurii advised us all the time few of possibilities, we were discussing and he was really quickly adapting and helping us (with our limited budget). He also is supporting us till now, few years later: always when we need some improvements or support, he is ready to help quickly and effectively.

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