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Customer: ITbot is a company that provides amazing and powerful tools for businesses, and increases business revenue with enterprise-level analytics designed for customer acquisition and engagement.
Flag of the USA
Duration of development:
1 week

Project detalis


The goal of the project was to design a website for an SAAS company with a Business Analytics Product. The main business objective of the project was to design a clean, modern, and sales-driven website.


According to the client, the problem was the lack of appropriate site design for the company’s new product.


The approach for the project was carefully crafted to ensure that each minute detail of the project was discussed, captured, and converted into the design. The major deliverables of the project included strategy, wireframes, visual design, and prototype. As a result, the website design was created which met not only the visual image of the company but also all of the customers objectives.

Standing Man

Final Product


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Color palette


About the company

ITbot is the best all-in-one business intelligence platform which delivers self-service for all business users. The product can be used to analyze data, and help its users gain insight into company media performance and competitor performance. It achieves this by collecting structured and unstructured data and discovering data that can support decision-making.

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