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The design of the site is the first thing the visitor sees, so it is important to keep a balance between content and creativity. The task of design is to hook the user in the first 2-3 seconds, to create interest and increase their time on the site studying the services and products on offer.

What is it?

Why website design is so important?

When your potential customers search the Internet for a product or service, they may open dozens of sites to compare prices and conditions. The first impression of your business is created by the individual design of the site. This is the first point of contact – the precise moment when the future client or partner starts to become acquainted with your site. It is vitally important at this point to make a good first impression.

In the future too, the site design plays an important role: it must be that the user finds it comfortable and convenient to use. The path of the visitor to the site should be well planned. Whatever actions you expect the user to perform – make a purchase, take out a subscription, follow a link – all these actions must be accounted for in the design.


In order to design a high-quality website we follow these steps:

  1. Analysis of competitors’ websites (their pros and cons).
  2. Create a portrait of the target audience and their needs and desires.
  3. Conceive a user workflow to ensure they can easily access the information they require using the fewest number of actions.
  4. Prototyping. We create a basic user interface to ensure that the main criteria of being easy to use and intuitive are followed to the clients total satisfaction.
  5. Design development. We select the color palette, fonts, and style. We then breathe life into the website using images and icons.

It is of paramount importance that we provide prototypes and gain approval at each stage therefore enabling us to achieve the optimum results.

The quality design includes a well-created user journey, the development of prototypes of all pages of the site for all major screen resolutions, as well as the layouts themselves based on the approved prototypes.

As a result, you will be provided with the design of the website in Figma for desktop and mobile.

Our task is not to bombard you with many picture options, but to make the design thoughtful and effective to meet the objectives of the site. That’s why we conduct initial research to determine the best solutions for a responsive and understandable design. We seek customer approval at various stages in this process allowing us to finally present the style option that we consider will best meet your business objectives.

  • Easy communication and a clear definition of site goals.
  • The design is always unique, modern, and aesthetic. This contributes to a significant increase in conversion.
  • We provide good usability and the ability to think in advance about the logic of user behavior.
  • After the website design is approved, we are ready to implement it into a fully functional website that is optimized for performance and speed loading time. Don’t hesitate to start implementing your idea into real life. Get a quote for your design.

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