Logo Design

A well-designed logo will reflect the essence and purpose of your company and will create relevant associations in the customers' minds enabling you to stand out from the competitors.

What is it?

Why the logo is so important?

A great logo is of vital importance because it grabs attention and makes a strong first impression. It is the foundation of your brand identity, is memorable and separates you from your competition. Market research has proved that the logo and branding can have a subconsciously profound influence on customers decision-making.

Your logo should be unique and individual, attractive and recognizable, and understandable. To achieve this, we adhere to important rules. We analyse your brand personality as well as the competition and, based upon that, we choose the style, colours, fonts and visual shapes. We believe that beauty is in simplicity but at the same time should be aesthetically pleasing.

Designing a professional logo is a time-consuming job that requires a designer’s creative approach, analytical mindset, and professionalism.


In order to design a successful logo we follow the next steps:

  1. Analysis of competitors’ logo (their pros and cons).
  2. Development of 3 unique logo concepts (sketch).
  3. Selection of a color palette (corporate colors).
  4. Development of the font spelling (if needed).
  5. Visualization of the logo (with 2 rounds of edits).

It is important we gain approval at each step to allow us to achieve the best result.

We provide you with:

  • The final logo results in SVG format (a vector that is scalable without picture quality loss).
  • A brand book (a PDF file with use-cases for your logo).
  • A concept of the logo with a description of the meaning

The logo created in our agency can be placed in a variety of places:

  • On your website and other resources: social networking accounts in the form of avatars, emblems, etc.
  • On the products themselves (clothes, shoes, accessories – on all these items quite often you can see the trademark of the manufacturing company in the form of a logo)
  • On printed media (business cards, letterheads, other printed and promotional products are invariably decorated with logos)

The logo we will create following the rules discussed previously will securely entrench the image of your company in the minds of consumers and thereby contribute to the development and prosperity of the business.

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