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You will receive full support from a resolute team to ensure your website always operates smoothly.
It's essential to understand your requirements. We offer a free consultation to ensure you receive the most efficient solution and cost-competitive quotation.

What is it?

Ideal for those who care about the user experience and require website which operates smoothly.

Even though we provide fully editable websites, we understand how important it is to have the correct technical support. It’s not easy to handle the website when you might experience problems on the server-side therefore we provide all the expert support to alleviate any potential problems.

We care about all possible situations, and we support all existing functionality. The website will be safe, fast loading, up to date and accessible 24/7. We provide advanced analytic reports every month (search results and users’ behavior).

In an emergency, you will receive priority help (the website will be checked and fixed within 12 hours).


There are some technical requirements that should be conducted monthly such as keeping the WordPress core and all plugins you use up to date. Before making the update of a plugin or WordPress core you must always make sure you have a backup of the website in case something goes wrong.

With the support package, you can be sure that you will be free of hackers, and that you will receive urgent help when it’s needed.

Monthly reports with analytics will help you to improve and develop your website further, as well as track the progress and growth.

It’s a monthly-based service and the price depends on the complexity of your website (functionality, plugins, number of users, etc.) To enable us to provide you with an accurate quotation, please fill out a short form and we will provide you with an exact price for your project.

No, it includes the support of all existing functionality only. All new features that you might need will need be paid for separately.

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