Creating a new website for New York catering service - Alchemiq

Customer: A premium catering company whose concept is to offer fancy hors d’oeuvres, imaginative food stations, high-end cocktail catering, and event design with expert production.
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Duration of development
2 months

Project detalis


To create a design that reflected the uniqueness of the business and its features. The website had to be stylish and simple, and easy to for the user to interact with through see and scroll functions.


The existing website didn’t look well. It was old, not interactive to scroll, didn’t show important details, and did not reflect the essence of the business as a premium catering supplier. The client had great new collages and a very “raw” design of the main page in PSD format.


We created a new design where we showed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails in detail, representing the services provided by the company – food, cocktails, and events. We added animation to allow new collages to appear on the site in an attractive and interesting manner. We converted galleries of images into sliders on mobile to ensure the page was not too long.

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Final Product


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Color palette


Blog preview

We made a slider of select events together with satisfied clients to demonstrate who they work with and the results.


On the home page, we reflected services that Alchemiq provide together with collages that incorporated simplicity and aesthetics.


The galleries were added to different website pages to convey the atmosphere of the exclusive events.


Their Instagram account complements the website and presents their latest events.


To show customers' impressions and demonstrate how dedicated the company is to customer satisfaction.

Hors D'oeuvres

We showcased some of the food in detail with short descriptions.


We introduced some of cocktails in detail, again with short descriptions.


We provided a contact page and FAQ to make it easy for users to get the required information or contacts to receive a quotation for their event.

Page speed loading

Speed loading is an important ranking factor and research shows that for every second the site loads faster; the conversion rate improves by 17%. This website fully loads in 1.2 sec.


Animation Effects


Custom theme

Fully Responsive


Instagram connection

New Design

SEO (Schema Markup)

Services pages

Speed Optimization


Igor Zukowiec

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